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Department of Communication Sciences

Department of Communication Sciences

This department has a goal to achieve critical and progressive human spirits and wisdom in a global and local interactive communication between the academics and society. The main competence in this department is mastering communication knowledge to develop mediated communication technology by employing social analytical skills.

  • Journalism

This concentration of study focuses on journalistic process and the systemic relationship between press and their environment. The students learn to develop their analytical, ethical, and practical ability in journalism. They are expected to achieve the competences of critical and ethical journalist or broadcaster.



  • Media Studies

This field of study deals with the content, history, and effect of various media. The students are educated to have critical analysis toward the mass media and the issues related to the phenomenon of mediated communication. The competence of media and communication analyst/researcher is expected to be achieved here.


  • Public Relations

In this concentration of study, the students learn how to manage the reputation of the organization and how to create interrelationship between organization and public. They also learn about the implication of global context to the public relations practice and the existence of organization. The abilities and skills in creating public relations strategies and corporate programs are developed here.


  • Advertising and Marketing Communication

The competence of integrated marketing communication program designer is developed in this concentration of study. The students learn how to develop integrated marketing communications plan, how to manage advertising business organization, and how to conceptualize products. The main project of this concentration of study is advertising production as an application of the theory they have acquired.