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Department of Sociology

Department of Sociology

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This department has a vision to establish sociology as an applied science accompanied by humanist values, just welfare, and sustainability. The students learn to comprehensively integrate the sociological theories and concepts with the other disciplines to do critical analysis toward social phenomenon in business and media field.

Sociology of Media

This field of study focuses on the media studies, media culture, social identity in media, socio-cultural representation in media, media problems in social context, media and globalization, and media research. The students learn to understand the sociological implication of media and to do sociological analysis toward the relationship between media and society.

Sociology of Business

This field of study focuses on the sociological studies about money and banking, relation between business and society, business institution in society, public service from business organization, and ethical dimension from business relations. The students learn to integrate the sociological and business perspective to examine the issues and problems in the relationship between business and society.