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Facilities for International Students

Referring to the Guideline Book of Student Mobility from the Office of Cooperation and Promotion UAJY, the campus offer: Student Exchange between 6 months to 1 year.

General Amenities are:

Assistantship on documents and application from Immigration office such as Visa for Social and Cultural Purposes, ITAS for Single Re-Entry Permit/Multiple Re-Entry Permit and EPO (Exit Permit Only), letter of recommendation for residency (if stay for more than 1 year)

  1. Information about Indonesian Language Training and Learning Center.
  2. A student card for accessing library or as personal identity
  3. The exchange students may join students’ organizations (in art, sports, professionalism, debate, etc).
  4. Assistantship in finding the accommodation (housing/dormitory)
  5. Credit transfer will be assisted by the I Vice Dean of each Faculty
  6. Exchange students’ counterpart (Pendamping) to help the initial livelihood adjustment provided by FISIP UAJY.