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Visa and Admission


The Arrival with the Social Cultural Visit Visa (SCVV)

    1. Notice the visa validity period (30 days or 60 days)
    2. Visa validity period is calculated from the date of arrival at the airport in Indonesia
    3. Submit the photocopy of your passport front/signature page and other pages of any subsequent extensions with the arrival stamp promptly
    4. A week before the validity period of visa ends, the students must submit the passport to the university staff for visa extension
    5. For the second extension (if it has been more than 90 days) the students are required to do Foreigner Registration (assisted by university staff) and submit recent color photographs – 2 (two) photos of 2 x 3 cm and 1 (one) photo of 3 x 4 cm – all with RED background
    6. Students who submit the passport late and are fined by the Immigration Office should pay the fine themselves
    7. Visa can be extended maximally five times or until receiving all the necessary documents for the change