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In Indonesia, Yogyakarta is well-known as Student’s City. It’s a very supportive environment to study and learn. There are more than 130 public and private universities in Yogyakarta. The people of Jogjakarta are known for their hospitality and good manner. If you show proper respect, you’re welcome in any part of the city. Many Indonesians consider Yogyakarta a good place to retire because of the serenity. Some say that time flow slower here because of it.

Domestic and International flights service Yogyakarta. Tugu train station close to Malioboro Street has several inexpensive express trains from and to Java overland every day. Good express service from Jakarta and Surabaya. Buses also operate regulary to Borobudur and Prambanan Temples. Bicycles and motorcycles can be hired using a nominal fee.

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