Volume 1 Nomor 1, Juni 2004

Industri Televisi Swasta Indonesia dalam
Perspektif Ekonomi Politik


Industri Televisi Swasta Indonesia dalam  Perspektif Ekonomi Politik


Setio Budi HH

Abstract: The presence of commercials television in Indonesia had many dynamics. Some background shown the development of commercial television, first it was rise from the government problems facing with spillover of transnational broadcasting via parabola antenna, second, the pressured of the international institutions relating with regulations—liberalization (against the state monopoly of media–TVRI), third, the pressured of national business entities (after the restriction of advertising in television, 1980). This article questions therefore what is the implications of commercial televisions in Indonesia, especially to the public that seems didn’t have voice enough for the presence of the those commercial elevisions.


Ritual Hari Raya Agama: Histeria Konsumsi Massa dan Khotbah Industri Budaya
Triyono Lukmantoro

Abstract: The purposes of religion ritual are embodying conscience collective in society to gain sacred values. But,  ronically, in consumer society the religion ritual has been transformed to be means for excessive shopping on hysteria stage. More dramatically, television stations as motors of the culture industry to present religion spectacles use this momentum. It means that television pretends to celebrate the ritual, but in fact television only makes the largest profits.

Membaca Representasi Tubuh dan Identitas sebagai Sebuah Tatanan Simbolik dalam Majalah Remaja
Pappilon Halomoan Manurung

Abstract: Teens magazine construct social meaning for teenagers as its audience by positioning them as part of symbolic order of media in particular ways. Teens magazine involves ideas about how be a ‘normal’ girl or an ideal girl. The normal girl is a girl who has a boyfriend, shops at mall, hears pop music, etc. The girl who does not do that thing will be categorized her as an outsider. It means, media brings its audiences to a mode of surveillance. Media distincts teenagers to ‘us’ and ‘other’. This distinction makes some stereotypes and identities for teenagers.

Peranan Teknologi Komunikasi dalam Menciptakan Masyarakat Informasi di Indonesia
Dwi Ratna A, Vienda A, Florencius S, Santi S.

Abstract: Information society concept has often been heard and analyzed following with information and communication technology development which can’t be avoided by society. At the beginning, information society comes up from the awareness how important information current is. Nations compete for preparing many tools to realize a transition to aim the dream of information society. Computerization as a requirement to concrete information society is claimed to faster the society existence including e-government effort. However, technology can not only be implemented without considering some aspects because it can make new problems.

Mengembangkan Self Regulation dalam Etika Komunikasi
Mario Antonius Birowo dan Yudi Perbawaningsih

The existence of codes of conduct in communication field is still interesting to be discussed. Not many practioners and people consider to this conduct while they were doing their jobs. They have major problems in dealing with ethics issues, especially when communicationg in the publics arena. Communications freedom and communications technology are accussed as caustive prima of communications ethics problems. To solve the problem, this article proposes self regulations to control our communication behaviour .


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