Volume 6 Nomor 1, Juni 2009

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Cult Film dan Analisa Semiotika Film Pada Nagabonar Jadi 2
Akhmad Riza Faizal

Abstract: Cult films phenomena have attracts lots of discussion among film critics or communication experts especially for those who studied media, nevertheless research on the films using semiotic remains sparsely. This essay mainly discusses about intertextuality within Nagabonar Jadi 2 based on Umberto Eco’s conception about cult film and attempts to bear its narrative meaning using Greimas’ Rectangle, one among other semiotic methods. The research founded that the film has four propositions of narrative within the film which are nationalism, anti-nationalism, non nationalism, and non anti-nationalism. Salutes and flapping the national flag are the synecdoche of nationalism in this film.

Faktor-Faktor Pendukung Kompetensi Komunikasi Interpersonal: Studi Kasus pada Mahasiswa Tingkat Pertama di Universitas Paramadina
Anita Maharani

Abstract: This research is intended to explore the competence of interpersonal communication as the important factor for the students to express their opinion in the discussion, presentation in class and in oral examination. Based on research, found that the competence of students is relatively low. Also found that there is a different degree of the competence among the students in the different departments. The indicators of interpersonal communication competence are (1) the degree participation in organization, (2) frequency in public speaking, and (3) frequency in class discussion.

Public Relations: Roles, Entry Requirements and Professionalism
Kadek Dwi Cahaya Putra

Abstract: This paper attempts to describe that there is a chance for non-Public Relations graduates to work as or at the Public Relations industry. Studies have shown that Public Relations practitioners are mostly from generalist background (not Public Relations) and even come into the job by chance. A Public Relations is a very sociable person, possess a mix of functional, managerial and negotiating abilities as well as analytical and well-developed communication and understand people and human psychology. With working roles of Expert Prescriber, Communication Facilitator, Problem Solving Facilitator and Communication Technician, a Public Relations needs to be well prepared by learning foreign language, joining personality improvement course, developing networking and understanding computer and communication technology. Areas of where a Public relations works are in-house (organization/company), consultancy and freelance practitioner having various titles showing their main function in the organization such as public affairs, event manager, community relations manager, marketing communication executive, employee relations manager, corporate communications manager, media coordinator. As there is an increased challenge of Public Relations’s professionalism, a true practitioner is best prepared by educational institutions with lecturers having sound education and practice combined with extensive link-and -match research and industrial-practical placement for the graduates.

Evaluasi Pelaksanaan Kampanye Sosial Perilaku Hidup Bersih dan Sehat untuk Menurunkan Angka Diare di Kabupaten Kulonprogo
Tri Hastuti Nur Rochimah

Abstract: Even though the campaign of “Perilaku Hidup Bersih dan Sehat” has become a very deep attention from government, mass organization and NGO in Indonesia for so long, this program is still ineffective. It is indicated by the increasing of diarrhea sufferers in Kabupaten Kulon Progo. It can be an impact of three factors: (1) inappropriate media and message strategy and (2) minimal political will of the government, and also (3) the campaign design is not based on the field research. Additionally, the approach of this campaign did not encourage people to participate.

Strategi Positioning Slank dalam Menanamkan Citra sebagai Salah Satu Grup Band di Indonesia
M.Ronald Reagan dan Yeni Rosilawati

Abstract: This research is aimed to analyze the positioning strategy of music group band, the Slank, that still now can exist in Indonesia.The Slank is offering some differentiation that can be identified, offering an unique selling proposition (USP) that can be differentiate among their competitors. Some several findings in the research are: the Slank delivers a tagline “polos dan apa adanya” (means innocent and just be yourself) which contains solid and clear messages to their audience. This message divulged in their overall activities including in how they communicate and promote to their audience. The message “polos dan apa adanya” have been emerging in various of a medium that Slank used to communicate, including music and the lyrics of the songs, video clips, their performances or life style in their daily activities, their cover and logo, Slank’s live show and Slank’s merchandises. From their lyrics of the Slank song titled Seperti Para Koruptor, the Slank gives a clear message to persuade the audiences to live with humble and just be ourselves because in the living world, happiness and peaceful is much more worthed instead of being rich and famous. With all that efforts, the Slank tries to place their image among their audience and trying to be unique and different. Positioning strategy that pertain to the Slank should be managed and controlled in order to surviving Slank among of the competitors.


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