Volume 6 Nomor 2, Desember 2009

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Iklan dan Budaya Popular: Pembentukan Identitas Ideologis Kecantikan Perempuan oleh Iklan di Televisi
Inda Fitryarini

Abstract: Mass media is not only a channel to deliver messages but also is a channel to build a special image about the world, such as the beauty image of women. Advertisements create it in their messages. Most of them show women with white skin, slim and have long black hair. These cases are a part of popular culture or mass culture because it could be a homogen-standard value. Advertising is related with popular culture. Advertising is a reflection of popular culture and it is an inventor of popular culture.

Politik Media dalam Membingkai Perempuan
(Analisis Framing Pemberitaan Kasus Video Porno Yahya Zaini dan Maria Eva di Harian Umum Kompas dan Suara Merdeka)

Mite Setiansah

Abstract: This research is a qualitative descriptive research which is aims to get an explanation about process of reality reconstruction doing by mass media, various kind of framing devices that is used, and woman representation at Kompas and Suara Merdeka news reporting about circulation of Yahya Zaini-Maria Eva porn video. In its execution, this research is using framing analysis method to gain information about way of mass media’s telling story. The data are collected by using qualitative content analysis applied to Kompas and Suara Merdeka news articles publish during December 2006. Unit of analysis determined based on Pan and Kosicki framing analysis model. Data validity is measured by triangulation technique. Data analysis is conducted by using the interactive data analysis technique. The result of this research shows that Kompas and Suara Merdeka have different point of view in reconstruction this case. Kompas showed careful news reporting while Suara Merdeka is more market oriented. Both of newspapers are uses same framing devices, including syntactic, script, thematic, and rhetoric. In representing woman, Kompas and Suara Merdeka are tending to frame woman in unfavorable ways.

Perbedaan Fungsi-Fungsi Public Relations dalam Sosialisasi Pemilihan
Kepala Daerah (Pilkada)
“Kasus di KPUD Yogyakarta dan KPUD Bantul”

Emma Octavia Purwandari

Abstract: This research attempts to analyze the differences of Public Relations (PR) function in local election (Pilkada). Pilkada is a democratic process in Indonesia. Government needs big participation of society, as one successful point of pilkada is participation of society. Effort to bring public politics participation cannot be separate from politics socialization process. Socialization process is public attitude establishment and politics orientation process. Pilkada socialization carried out by KPUD (Komisi Pemilihan Umum Daerah) as executor. To make an effective socialization to public, KPUD needs to use specific function called Public Relation. Communication activity between organization and its public divided into some part of PR function, including publicity, advertising, press agentry, lobbying, issue management, investor relation and public affair. Basically, implementation of PR function in the process of PILKADA may be different in each region. It becomes the reason why author want to compare KPUD Yogyakarta and Bantul. Governance system differences among both regions would affect in government’s socialization policy. Those differences depend on population, social classes, demographic condition and personal motivation. It is also effecting in PR function held by government, as in media and in society as target operation

Efektivitas Loyalty Program
dalam Customer Relationship Management terhadap Kepuasan dan Loyalitas Pelanggan
(Studi Kegiatan Divisi Retensi dalam Pelaksanaan Loyalty Program “Im3@School Community” pada PT Indosat Tbk. Kantor Cabang Malang)

Hesti Kartika Sari

Abstract: The objective of this research is to analyze the influence of Loyalty Program in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) toward satisfaction and loyalty of PT Indosat Tbk. Malang Branch costumers. Loyalty Program is one of the customer retention’s strategies from PT Indosat Tbk. that belongs to development and application process of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Dealing with that, a corporate could design a Loyalty Program that appropriate with their customers. This program will be very helpful for corporate to increase their customers’ satisfaction, and loyalty, and also to keep their customers influenced by others competitor’s offered. The data in this research analyzed by using linier regression analysis and the result of analysis shows that there are significant influence of Loyalty Program in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) toward costumer satisfaction and customer loyalty of PT Indosat Tbk. Malang Branch; and there are significant influence of satisfaction toward loyalty of PT Indosat Tbk. Malang Branch customers. Indeed, to produce loyal customer there is a need of strategy and has done by PT Indosat Tbk. through application of Customer Relationship Management with the highlight in Loyalty Program. This strategy proved could increase corporate business performs by increasing customer satisfaction and in the end could make the loyalty grow in them.

Terapi Komunikasi sebagai Model Pembangun Ketahanan Hubungan Sosial dalam Perkawinan
Hascaryo Pramudibyanto

Abstract: Many researches show that the conventional marriage counseling to establish marriage relation is not effective. It is indicated by a number of couple has divorced after the counseling. It needs a new counseling method that is more effective. Communication therapeutic is one technique to help the relationship to be stronger. This method offers a good relationship between therapist and client. It means that the therapy must encourage the client and the therapist. The two of them must have a good communication competence so that it creates a communication satisfaction for each. It leads the therapy will be effective to help the marriage relationship.


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