Volume 7 Nomor 1, Juni 2010

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Sosialisasi dan Dampak Budaya Organisasi
André A. Hardjana

Abstract : Interest in corporate culture rapidly grew among organization and management researchers and practitioners in Indonesia since 1990. They were impressed by the concept of strong corporate culture which according to research reports was closely related to high corporate performance. In fact, they were so excited by the fact that strong corporate culture could be a competitive advantage in the era of global competion. This article describes that building a strong corporate culture needs a consistent socialization for values internalization and effective behavioral practice. In addition, socialization is a continuing learning process beyond initiation programs for new employees which involves reward system consistency as well as a powerful idden hierarchy known as the company’s cultural network.

Perspektif Antropologi dan Teori Komunikasi: Penelusuran Teori-teori Komunikasi
dari Disiplin Antropologi

MC Ninik Sri Rejeki

Abstract : It is important to learn the perspectives derived in communication theories in order to well understand the focuses and characteristic of those theories. There are several perspectives and one of them is derived form Anthroplogy. In this sense, communication is considered as having holistic character and concern in interpretive activities. In this regards, communication is contextualized by culture. Therefore as well culture is unique, communication is also unique.
There are several kinds of contribution of Anthropology in the development of communication theories which can be traced. First, structural linguistic as the branch study of linguistic anthropology contributes in semiotics studies. As well, sociolinguistic contributes to understand the relationsip between social reality and culture. Second, in the area of historical archeology, the contrubition of Anthropology is represented in the frame of knowledge on unwritten communication activities. Third, the contribution of ethnology in innovation and diffussion theory as well as ethnography in the emergence of experience and interpretation theories also represent the contribution of Anhtropology. Similary, it can be traced the contribution of Anthropology through the contribution of ethnohistory in explaining the modes of communication of certain community.

Science, Media and Policy Collaboration
in Practice: Bird Flu Case in Bali, Indonesia

Yohanes Widodo

Abstract : This paper discusses how science (scientist) and policy (government) collaborate on the bird flu case in Bali Indonesia and the importance of public participation in dealing with the case. It is concluded that the collaboration between science and policy in the bird flu case in Bali Indonesia has not well practiced. There is a gap and conflict between them because they have different analytical paradigm, interest, and point of view. Public participation is very important because it can encourage them to set up quick response mechanism and increase public awareness of the danger of the virus. So they can stop the spread of the virus by themselves.

Strategi Komunikasi Pembinaan Pembudidayaan Kambing Boer untuk Meningkatkan Taraf Ekonomi Masyarakat di Desa Wonosari, Kecamatan Wonosari, Kabupaten Malang, Provinsi Jawa Timur
Siti Azizah

Abstract : She research was conducted in Wonosari Village, Malang Regency from August to October 2009. The aims of the research are: (1) to establish a communication strategy for goat farmers according to their needs and wants, (2) to socialize the program to motivate the audience to breed Boer goat, and (3) to get potential skill and to give knowledge in Boer goat breeding activities. Research material was goat farmers who earn below Rp 146.837,00 per capita/month. Research methods were: observation and participation, interview and data triangulation. Sample was taken from key informants and goat farmer. Sampling technique was purposeful selection, selecting goat farmers to be research respondents. The research results then help researchers to establish a set of communication components strategie such as how to choose a communicator, what languages to use, the type of presentation, and the use of humor. Media/channels preferred are posters, slides, leaflets, booklets, magazines and seminar. To enhance the knowledge level, goat farmers were also taken to Sumbersekar Laboratory to give real experience to gain highest level of experience compared to audio atau audio visual media.

Efektivitas Metode Role Playing dan Role Model dalam Program Kampanye Sosial
(Analisis Perbedaan Efektivitas Metode Role Playing dan Role Model dalam Program Kampanye Sosial ”Produk Pangan Olahan Sagu” Kondur Petroleum S.A dalam Membentuk Keputusan Mengolah Sagu pada Ibu-Ibu Rumah Tangga Kecamatan Merbau, Kabupaten Bengkalis, Provinsi Riau)

Galuh Gilang Pamekar

Abstract : The objective of this research is to analyze the differences on the effectiveness of role playing and role model methods applied in social campaign program. Role playing and role model are the methods in social learning theory–as a part of persuasion theories–which implicates to behavior change by affecting with modeling and participate of the target adopters. The social campaign “Produk Pangan Olahan Sagu” adopts these two methods to persuade target adopters to change their behavior as its campaign goal.


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