Testimonial Exchange Students

1. Beatrix bau

I have quite a lot of hobbies. I like to sing, I play volleyball and I like to make small films.
But I like a lot of other things as well such as cooking, painting or handwork as long it is creative stuff.

Favourite Indonesian food:
That would be nasi pecel so far.

Favourite Place arround campus:
That is hard to say, because I did not see everything yet. But so far it would be the cantine,  because you always meet people and can have a chat with them.

The campus is really beautiful. You can find a lot of plants as well as free space to relax or learn. The people are always friendly and laughing a lot, so

I feel very comfortable and wellcomed. I am exited about learning more about the projects and lifestyle at campus so I can enjoy my stay as much as possible.

 2. Anita Bradwolf ANITA BRADWOLFHobby: Playing tennis, Yoga, reading, travelling

Favorite Indonesian Food: Mie goreng

Favorite place around campus: The balcony of my boarding house

I think the university is great and I like the classes, which are very interesting and the other students, who are really caring! The campus is also nice and close to my boarding house, which is perfect, because I don’t have to walk far. 🙂

 3. Evelyn EVELYN HORVATHHobby: I love philosophy, good food and travel adventures, horror movies and 9gag

Favorite Indonesian Food: Semur Terong with some Sambal and Nasi 🙂

Favorite place around campus: Taking a shortcut from my home stay to university i walk through beautiful rice fields with a nice overall view over the   surroundings here – super relaxing!

 About the campus: I like the airy and lightly openness of the campus, having the chances to just linger around if you want to, at the same time giving the chance to super easily get in contact with other people. Simply feeling comfortable!