Impression Short Course

Implication of Multiculturalism in the Region

Oktober 19, 2015

Glocalisation: Act Local Think Global

IMG_2708The term glocalisation combines the words ‘globalisation’ and ‘localisation’ to emphasise the idea that a global product or service is more likely to succeed if it is adapted to the specific requirements of local practices and cultural expectations. The term started to appear in academic circles in the late 1980s, when Japanese economists used it in articles published by the Harvard Business Review (OpenUniversity, 2015).

IMG_2727                                                       IMG_2711

This phenomenon is a result of globalisation wave in Asia and other third world countries. In Yogyakarta, there are some interesting glocalisation phenomena, which receive global acknowledgement. Participants will attend a lecture on glocalisation in Yogyakarta, from the point of view of local communities, who use glocal perspective with cultural and sociological approach, for example Jogja HipHop Foundation, Ria Papermoon, etc.

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