Impression Short Course

Implication of Multiculturalism in the Region

Oktober 19, 2015

Yogyakarta: Dangerously Beautiful


As a city that located amidst ocean and active volcano, Yogyakarta is indeed very beautiful yet vulnerable to natural disasters. Volcano eruption, earthquake and cold lava flood are some of the disasters that frequently occurred in Yogyakarta. However, these vulnerabilities make people in Yogyakarta aware of disaster management and disaster risk reduction.


In order to obtain more information on this, participants will attend a lecture on disaster management and disaster risk reduction. The lecture emphasizes impacts of disaster to locals and its correlation with the characteristic of Yogyakarta’s people who tend to have strong faith, both in terms of religion and local wisdom. However, this lecture is not only giving additional knowledge to participants but more as sharing experience of the lesson learnt by Yogyakarta’s society whom their motto is: “Disaster: Don’t be scared, be prepared!”


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