Impression Short Course

Implication of Multiculturalism in the Region

Message from the Program Coordinator


Sugeng Rawuh. That is how we welcome people in Javanese language.

Impression Short Course Program UAJY is indeed a program, which welcomes you to engage with the multiculturalism in the region especially Javanese culture in Yogyakarta area. This is the first Impression to be held and hopefully it can set a good benchmark for the next Impressions.

The first Impression Short Course Program UAJY is entitled “Intimate Escape: Engaging with Yogyakarta’s Media and Community”. As indicated in its title this program promises the intimate experience of engaging with Yogyakarta’s media and community through various lectures, workshop and tours.

Finally, I welcome you once again to the program and I wish you a great escape in Impression Short Course Program UAJY.


Diyah Hayu Rahmitasari, M.Comms