Impression Short Course

Implication of Multiculturalism in the Region

Oktober 19, 2015

Up, Close and Personal: Yogyakarta’s Local Media: Kedaulatan Rakyat

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Participants will visit and get to know Yogyakarta’s oldest media, “Kedaulatan Rakyat”. It is founded by H. Samawi and H. Soemadi Martono Wonohito. Kedaulatan Rakyat or loosely called as KR, first published on 27 September 1945. The distribution area of KR is mainly Yogyakarta, and also nine other cities including Jakarta and cities in Central Java. Participants are expected to use this opportunity to gain information and knowledge on how local media works in Yogyakarta. This visitation is part of Media Watch program gives the students insight on the media involvement in government policies and media role in strengthening, disseminating and reinforcing the issues on multiculturalism

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