Impression Short Course

Implication of Multiculturalism in the Region

Oktober 19, 2015


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NGO Day introduces the work of non government organizations especially the ones that focus on multicultural and public policy areas. This activity combines course (lecture) and workshop with the NGO’s (NGO Visit) and covers various topics such as LGBTQ, Gender, Children and Information (Media). The course emphasizes the social and cultural implication of these topicstolocals.Thisisparticularlyinterestingas Asianis likely to have strong faith, both in terms of religion and local wisdom.

This year, in the NGO day program, the participants visited COMBINE (Community Based Information Network) Resource Institution, one of the notable NGOs in Yogyakarta. COMBINE is a resource institution that focuses on the strategy of strengthening marginal community through information network (Combine, 2015). Since 2001, COMBINE supports the development of community media and the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as part of the information and communication network system in community (Combine, 2015). Jalin Merapi is one of the community media that has been facilitated by COMBINE Resource Institution. This is a community media for the people who live nearby Mt Merapi and it plays significant roles in helping the community to get information regarding Merapi recent situation and also in strengthening their capacity in decision-making regarding public policy.

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